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Saturday, April 4, 2009


TIGER (2001)
320 KBPS

Coming from Germany, The Robocop Kraus mixes punkish rythm'n'blues (Make Up), straight up rock'n'roll (The Rolling Stones) with hints of emo. Tiger is their second album of six released to this day and probably my favorite. There is not a single bad song on the 14 featured on Tiger, it's catchy, melodic, powerful. Whatsmore, the band has mastered here a sound that made them even more unique than on their nice self-titled debut. If you want rock'n'roll, look no further, this is the real deal!

1. Boy Frank
2. The Dead Serious
3. Postmodernism Has Won This Time
4. Shaking The High Towers
5. The Man Who Made Eastwood Look So Fine
6. The Big Money
7. Rumors In The Coconut Bar
8. You Make The Boys Shy
9. Modern Attraction
10. Kiss Me, I'm Italian
11. Quiet Days In Cliche
12. Tell The Kids That It's Alright
13. Gestures Of Slight Grandeur
14. I Paid The Ferryman

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