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Friday, April 17, 2009


320 KBPS

Some great songs on here. Yes it was the 80's and there was alot of cheeze around, but Rik Emmetts songs still shine thru. Rik was Triumph, and the talent, the voice, the great guitar player. The other guys were stiffs. They shouldve let Rik take the band where he wanted to take them. Take A Stand is one of the best Triumph songs, there are some other gems on here.

1. Tears in the Rain
2. Somebody's out There
3. What Rules My Heart
4. If Only
5. Hooked on You
6. Take a Stand
7. Just One Night
8. Embrujo
9. Play with the Fire
10. Don't Love Anybody Else But Me
11. In the Middle of the Night

320 KBPS

This album is definitely a departure from some of the heavier, simpler all-out rock we heard on Allied Forces (probably Triumph's best ever). Here we see more keyboards and a second guitarist on some of the tracks.
"Never Say Never" is almost a power-pop with a cool intro in the form of "Prologue: Into the Forever". One of my favorite Triumph songs in "Carry On The Flame" (that, along with All The Kings Horses, are really the same song). I like the intricate acoustic guitar work on the intro and the fade out. Those songs alone warrant the 5-star rating I gave this.
"All Over Again" is a ballad. I've long felt like hard rock groups record some of the best ballads to be heard, and this one is pretty memorable.
"Prelude: The Waking Dream" and "On And On" are also really the same song. There is some interesting synthesizer and keyboard work here, and Rik Emmett's guitar work is as good as ever.
This was the last recording Rik Emmett did with Triumph - what a way to go out.

1. Prologue: Into The Forever
2. Never Say Never
3. Headed For Nowhere
4. All The Kings Horses
5. Carry On The Flame
6. Let The Light (Shine On Me)
7. Long Time Gone
8. Rock You Down
9. Prelude: The Waking Dream
10. On And On
11. All Over Again
12. Running In The Night

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EightE1 said...

"Let The Light (Shine On Me)" is one of my all-time favorites. Thanks for posting.