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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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I wish I could go back to see the reaction of the jazz community at the time this album was first released. Corea, like all great musicians, combines past influence with his own unique ideas. Not just new ideas of a technical stylistic approach, but new ideas on the use of music in telling a story. This album showcases the fact that he is his own man. Working mostly as a sideman before the release of this album, I believe this is his second project as a leader. By hooking up with bassist Vitous and drummer Haynes, whose roles are of equal importance to this musical statement, Corea was provided the outlet he needed to express a musical approach that couldn't wait to be released. His imaginative approach on this album displays a uniquely different way in telling a story through the use of a rhythm based trio. The music on this album is highly emotional, intense, joyful, and very interesting. As is the case with accomplished musicians that need to move forward in order to grow, the trio split up quicker than it had come together. Miles scooped up Chick to replace Herbie the same year the album was put out.
1. Matrix
2. My One And Only Love
3. Now He Beats The Drum - Now He Stops
4. Bossa
5. Now He Sings - Now He Sobs
6. Steps - What Was
7. Fragments
8. Windows
9. Pannonica
10. Samba Yantra
11. I Don't Know
12. The Law Of Falling And Catching Up
13. Gemini

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