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Sunday, October 12, 2008


320 KBPS

A double-CD set, recorded live in New York City at the end of 1976. Heavy on, well, "freewheeling" lyrical content, with "Titties & Beer" and "The Illinois Enema Bandit" (the latter featuring "sophisticated narration" by Don Pardo) being special favorites with young males of a certain age. Also here is the song that gets most peoples' vote for the best title ever to grace a Zappa instrumental, "I Promise Not to Come In Your Mouth."
When Zappa first released this album in '78, Warner Brothers was especially nervous about a little tune called "Punky's Whips." The tune concerned drummer Terry Bozzio's lurid sexual fantasies about one Punky Meadows, guitarist for the band Angel. Since Angel was then regarded as an important player in the music industry (yeah, right), Warners sat on the album for a long while and then deleted the track altogether. With this CD reissue "Punky's Whips" is back in all its glory, along with four other songs not on the original vinyl.
Frank Zappa - conductor, lead guitar, vocals
Ray White - rhythm guitar, vocals
Don Pardo - sophisticaded narration
David Samuels - timpani, vibes
Eddie Jobson - keyboards, violin, vocals
Patrick O’Hearn - bass, vocals
Randy Brecker - trumpet
Mike Brecker - tenor sax, flute
Lou Marini - alto sax, flute
Terry Bozzio - drums, vocals
Ruth Underwood - percussion, synthesizer, and various humanly impossible overdubs
Ronnie Cuber - baritone sax, clarinet
Tome Malone - trombone, trumpet, piccolo
John Bergamo - percussion, percussion overdubs
Ed Mann - percussion overdubs

CD 1
1. Titties & Beer 7:36
2. Cruisin For Burgers 9:12
3. I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth 3:32
4. Punky's Whips 10:50
5. Honey Don't Ya Want A Man Like Me? 4:12
6. The Illinois Enema Bandit 12:41

CD 2
1. I'm The Slime 4:23
2. Pound For A Brown 3:42
3. Manx Needs Women 1:50
4. The Black Page Drum Solo/Black Page #1 3:51
5. Big Leg Emma 2:17
6. Sofa 2:56
7. Black Page #2 5:36
8. The Torture Never Stops 12:35
9. The Purple Lagoon/Approximate 16:40

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