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Sunday, October 12, 2008


320 KBPS

Fuzzy Duck Has Been Compared to Groups Like Wishbone Ash, Camel and Atomic Rooster. They Certainly Maintain a High Standard of Musicianship. The Fuzzies Formed in North London in 1970 and Signed to Decca Offshoot Label Mam, but Only 500 Copies of their LP were Pressed. This CD Edition Has Eight Tracks, Including 'a Word from Big D', an Entertaining Performance from Roy Sharland Offering his Humorous 'ducking' Vocals. Among Four Bonus Items Are the a and B-sides of Two Singles that Featured Top Guitarist Garth Watt-roy.
A nice blast from the past that will appeal to either those with white hair on their heads or the youngsters that liked Wolfmother and their kind but are still looking for the "real thing".

1. Time Will Be Your Doctor
2. Mrs. Prout
3. Just Look Around You
4. Afternoon Out
5. More Than I Am
6. Country Boy
7. In Our Time
8. Word from Big D
Bonus tracks
9. Double Time Woman
10. Big Brass Band
11. One More Hour
12. No Nmae Face

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