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Monday, October 13, 2008


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Although little known in English speaking countries, Léo Ferré (1916-1993) is a monument of French chanson, revered throughout the francophone world. A singer, songwriter, author, composer, and even orchestra conductor, he is mostly remembered for songs like "Avec le Temps," "Les Anarchistes," and "Jolie Môme." His career began in the cabaret and took him through four decades and a number of styles, but his best material and his popularity peak happened in the ‘60s and early ‘70s, as the generation of May ‘68 adopted him as an anarchist figure. La solitude is typical of Léo's early 70s work where he met a new generation of musicians that helped renew his sound... with success!

1. La Solitude
2. Les Albatros
3. Ton Style
4. Faites L'Amour
5. A Mon Enterrement
6. Les 'Pop'
7. Tu Ne Dis Jamais Rien
8. Dans Les 'Night'
9. Le Conditionnel De Variete

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This file needs a password to be decompressed. I cannot open it.