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Saturday, October 11, 2008


320 KBPS

Technique is New Order's most fully realized dance album. Although other New Order albums have been mighty danceable, this recording contains a masterful use of the acid-house trends storming the club scene in 1989, when this album was released. New Order embraced the technology that was available at the time but never substituted brilliant song structures with prefabricated formats that sequencers, samplers, and other high-tech noisemakers can easily provide. They intelligently used these devices to incorporate elements of a broader genre beyond the "New Order sound," proving that even while experimenting with musical trends and other fleeting diversions, this accomplished group is capable of pulling off a genre-defining album without ever losing sight of their own identity.

Bernard Sumner - Vocals, guitars, melodica, synthesizers & programming
Peter Hook - 4 & 6 stringed bass, electronic percussion, synthesizers & programming
Stephen Morris - Drums, synthesizers & programming
Gillian Gilbert - Synthesizers & programming, guitars

1. Fine Time 4:42
2. All The Way 3:24
3. Love Less 3:04
4. Round And Round 4:29
5. Guilty Partner 4:48
6. Run 4:31
7. Mr. Disco 4:21
8. Vanishing Point 5:17
9. Dream Attack 5:12

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