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Monday, October 13, 2008


320 KBPS

You'd think there wouldn't be much more to present by a songwriter who recorded three albums in his lifetime and has been dead since 1974. However, interest in Nick Drake's riveting music has grown enormously in the new millennium. Rarities were added to a number of posthumous collections, but with Family Tree his estate has brought forth an hour of music that predates his first album, Five Leaves Left. This set illuminates Drake's musical background, with his mother and sister appearing, and even Drake himself on clarinet for a Mozart trio. He covers traditional numbers as well as songs by Dylan, Blind Boy Fuller, and Jackson C. Frank. There are clear links to his own early compositions, including a couple early versions that appeared on his debut. Some of this has circulated on bootlegs over the years, but here assembled and sonically polished, it radiates with warmth. Recorded in casual circumstances, there are bits of chatter and laughter between songs, painting a picture of a happy, loving home scene.
1. Come Into The Garden (Introduction)
2. They're Leaving Me Behind
3. Time Piece
4. Poor Mum Nick
5. Winter Is Gone
6. All My Trials
7. Kegelstatt Trio For Clarinet, Viola And Piano (The Family Trio)
8. Strolling Down The Highway
9. Paddling In Rushmere
10. Cocaine Blues
11. Blossom
12. Been Smoking Too Long
13. Black Mountain Blues
14. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
15. If You Leave Me
16. Here Come The Blues
17. Sketch 1
18. Blues Run The Game
19. My Baby's So Sweet
20. Milk And Honey
21. Kimbie
22. Bird Flew
23. Rain
24. Strange Meeting II
25. Day Is Done
26. Come Into The Garden
27. Way To Blue
28. Do You Ever Remember?


StripTheSoul said...

This is the real Moodswings now? the same that was in "Stefan From Paris" one at Opera?...

What happened with that blog why is has been banned? can happen to any of us?...

If this is the real one, i thank you for all the artists you posted before, and will post here now.

Stay Classy


Anonymous said...

Sincèrement heureux de vous revoir
Suggestion :Un tout Ferré ? Un tout Manset ?

Mr Moodswings said...

Yes, yes, this is the real Moodswings...

Someone must have told the admins other there about my blog... I've lost quite alot of informations but managed to save a few...

So, here I am, alive and kicking! ;)

Mr Moodswings said...

Tout Ferré, je n'ai pas (encore) mais qui sait... ;)

Par contre, je suis assez peu fan de ce que je connais de Manset donc ça ne risque pas trop... :S

Ian S said...

Love Nick Drake, had this 1 but now better quality. Cheers!

asco said...

Fucking Great!!!!
I lost my bookmarks in my old pc and when i recover it your lost. It's glad to find you again.

Greetings from Mexico

Anonymous said...

This is great..I also had this at poorer have some fantastic albums on this blog...nearly all at top quality bitrate (320)..hopefully the blog police will leave you alone for a while many are getting closed down now..Jo

ronin said...

Thanks so much for this and for giving me a very cool weekend. Cheers from Brazil!

L'étudiant fauché de l'ile Maurice. said...

Tracks 19 to 24 are wrongly named. Check wikipedia's info about Family Tree to see that a few tracks are missing depending on the cd version.

Apparently this version doesn't have the extra two tracks!