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Thursday, October 16, 2008


320 KBPS

A hybrid mini-album of reinterpretations and original songs stemming from the 'Wild Opera' sessions, which eventually took shape as 'Wild Opera''s peculiar twin release. Progressive sampledelic chutzpah, breakbeat science and eerie ambient slowcore in one bizarre package.
Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson steer through urban south-east London, in search of the new cabaret, locating it in the most unlikely places. The twitching-curtain pop of 'Diet Mothers' and the slippery grooves on 'Evelyn (The Song Of Slurs)' (a cover of Mick Harvey's adapatation of a Serge Gainsbourg song) display real ambition, but the sensual angst of 'Sicknote' is something else again. Quirky, satirical, emotional and dramatic, try it.

1. Dry Cleaning Ray
2. Sweetside Silver Night
3. Jack the Sax
4. Diet Mothers
5. Urban Disco
6. Punished for Being Born [Muslimgauze Mix]
7. Kightlinger
8. Evelyn (The Song of Slurs)
9. Sicknote

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