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Friday, October 17, 2008


320 KBPS

This incredibly creative and enjoyable album defies genre boundaries -- I would never have thought of putting it under "classical" but then again the grossly overused "new age" moniker isn't quite right either. The album is, simply, a lot of artists getting together both to have enormous fun and also to give some clear expression to Glass' idea for the album. And that is the thing that shines through so strongly: the clarity, the purity of tone (both musical and emotional). I suggest closely attentive listening to this entire album -- yes, laugh at some of the lyrics, but also let yourself be carried away with how they _feel_, and especially with how it all feels together. Take a 41-minute break from the telephone and the rest of the world and float away with "Songs From Liquid Days".

1. Changing Opinion
2. Lightning
3. Freezing
4. Liquid Days (Part One)
5. Open The Kingdom (Liquid Days, Part Two)
6. Forgetting

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