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Thursday, October 16, 2008


N°4 (1962)
320 KBPS

Just a few words about this miraculous record: Here's Serge's first 25cm for Philips (his new label at the time), there is no revolution in his style yet. You'll then find some bossa (Baudelaire) and some jazz (Quand tu t'y mets) along with his classic "chanson" touch with great lyrics (Ce grand méchant vous). Okay, Gainsbourg is a talented guy; yet, his music fails to find an audience. He's too ugly to be a "chanteur de charme" and too mainstream to appeal to Rive-Gauche intellectuals. Too bad for "Les goémonds" (one of his greatest song), "Black trombone" or "Intoxicated man", all perfect songs that are both elegant and a little bitter. Get this!

1. Les Goemonds
2. Black Trombone
3. Baudelaire
4. Intoxicated Man
5. Quand Tu T'y Mets
6. Les Cigarillos
7. Requiem Pour Un Twister
8. Ce Grand Méchant Vous


192 KBPS

This is a concept album, using - and in some cases reworking - the songs of French poet and musician Serge Gainsbourg. Serge is described in the information accompaning the recording as "Notorious for his facial stubble, ponderous poses with cigarettes and pop hits with explicit sexual themes, Gainsbourg was a hero to many French people." Mick Harvey's translations of the lyrics and arranging of the music, along with Anita Lane's haunting vocals, make this an interesting study in contrasts - a beautiful, romantic portrait of a piece 'o shit loser. A difficult tasked, brilliantly executed.

1. 69 Erotic Year
2. Harley Davidson
3. Intoxicated Man
4. Sun Directly Overhead
5. Sex Shop
6. Barrel Of My 45
7. Ford Mustang
8. Overseas Telegram
9. New York USA
10. Bonnie And Clyde
11. Chatterton
12. Song Of Slurs
13. Jazz In The Ravine
14. I Have Come To Tell You I'm Going
15. Lemon Incest
16. Initials BB

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