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Monday, October 13, 2008


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On NINE LIVES, Steve Winwood pulls together every style that he's used since he began his career in 1963, from old-school R&B to hard rock and jazzy progressive rock to progressive pop-rock to blue-eyed soul- and succeeds with every stylistic turn. He even reunites with Eric Clapton, his old mate from Blind Faith, on "Dirty City", and the result is a song with more emotion and grit than Winwood has mustered up since ARC OF A DIVER and Clapton since ANOTHER TICKET. Overall, this album successfully surveys Winwood's past even as it moves him into the future.

1. I'm Not Drowning
2. Fly
3. Raging Sea
4. Dirty City - (featuring Eric Clapton)
5. We're All Looking
6. Hungry Man
7. Secrets
8. At Times We Do Forget
9. Other Shore

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