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Saturday, October 11, 2008


320 KBPS

Trois Petits Tours is Thomas Fersen's 8th studio albums. Those familiar with this blog already know about his light-hearted, sometimes humourous and poetic style. Those who don't will be delighted to discover an artist that combines the best of Charles Trenet and Jacques Higelin while still possessing his own sound. On this new album, Thomas doesn't reinvent himself, like a good craftman, he keeps working and refining the previous chapter into a new one that's just as good and savoury. I still cannot understand how Fersen is not yet one of the biggest stars in my country but I sure that, with time, he'll establish himself in the leading role that he fully deserves. Trois Petits Tours, as you might have understood, is another must have by Mr. Thomas Fersen whether you like french chanson or not!

1. Germaine
2. Ukulélé
3. Chocolat
4. Formol
5. Punaise
6. Les Mouches
7. Gratte-Dos
8. Ce Qu'Il Me Dit
9. Concombre
10. Embarque Dans Ma Valise
11. La Malle

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Merci Mister Moodswings ! Vous êtes grand.