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Sunday, October 12, 2008


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Live Dates is the only proof needed to show that Wishbone Ash were one of the finest live acts of their time (and still are). The flawless renditions of their classic songs along with an incredible impression of energy is what makes this an absolutely essential part of the Wishbone Ash collection.
The obvious highlight of this album is Phoenix, which has remained a staple of the Wishbone Ash live experience all throughout their history as their improv piece. This 17 minute rendition is no exception, it's exceptionally played with surprisingly soulful solos and brilliant twin guitar harmonies as well as incredible drumming to put it all together. Other highlights include Warrior, Blowin' Free and Jail Bait which are perfect to play live for a crowd.
Usually live albums are generally overlooked as decent parts of a discography, however this one is essential, not only to the Wishbone Ash fan but to any fan of live albums, it really doesn't get much better than this.

1. The King Will Come (7:44)
2. Warrior (5:57)
3. Throw Down The Sword (6:08)
4. Rock n Roll Widow (6:08)
5. Ballad Of The Beacon (5:22)
6. Baby What You Want Me To Do (7:48)
7. The Pilgrim (9:14)
8. Blowin’ Free (5:31)
9. Jail Bait (4:37)
10. Lady Whiskey (5:57)
11. Phoenix (17:23)
Bonus [CD Release 1992]
12. Phoenix [Live From Memphis] (17:10)


Ian S said...

Never heard their live stuff but a 17min Phoenix seems like a good starting place. Cheers!

Mr Moodswings said...

It indeed is.
I've always thought Wishbone Ash were even better live.