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Sunday, October 12, 2008


YES (1969-2003 REMASTER)
320 KBPS

Before Yes achieved commercial success with their 1971 classic, "The Yes Album," they recorded a pair of albums in 1969 and 1970. This is the 1969 self-titled debut for Yes, and it's an outstanding first chapter in the long career of this enduring band. Although it contains no epic-length songs, "Yes" features all of the group's trademark ingredients, including awesome vocal harmonies & musical interplay, on such songs as the pounding rock of "Beyond And Before" and "Looking Around," the beautiful "Yesterday And Today" and "Survival," and a very clever cover version of the Beatles' "Every Little Thing" (with a dash of "Day Tripper" tossed in for extra measure). Jon Anderson's falsetto lead vocals are superb, Chris Squire plays a mean bass, Tony Kaye's organ & piano work throughout is impressive, Bill Bruford's drumming is powerful, and, preceding Steve Howe, original guitarist Peter Banks serves up some amazing fretwork, whether he's rocking out or playing softly (the quiet guitar section on "Survival" alone is one of the most hypnotic pieces of guitar-playing I've ever heard---it's so simple, and yet it's absolutely gorgeous, thanks in no small part to Banks' playing). "Yes" is a great debut for this legendary band.

1. Beyond And Before
2. I See You
3. Yesterday And Today
4. Looking Around
5. Harold Land
6. Every Little Thing
7. Sweetness
8. Survival
Bonus tracks
9. Everydays (Single Version)
10. Dear Father (Early Version #2)
11. Something's Coming
12. Everydays (Early Version)
13. Dear Father (Early Version #1)
14. Something's Coming (Early Version)

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