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Saturday, October 11, 2008


PITOM (2008)
320 KBPS

Avant-garde rock meets the Jewish tradition in Pitom, a shredding Jewish instrumental band led by Yoshie Fruchter. Born in D.C. and now living in Brooklyn, Yoshie combines influences from Frank Zappa, Sonic Youth and Masada into a rocking band performing catchy, hooky compositions that both pay tribute to and challenge its heritage. Recorded and mixed at the studio of legendary musical terrorist Bill Laswell, Pitom is a hard-edged new addition to the legacy of Radical Jewish Culture.

Yoshie Fruchter - Guitar
Jeremy Brown - Violin, viola
Shanir Blumenkranz - Bass
Kevin Zubek - Drums

1. Skin And Bones 4:31
2. Go Go Golem 5:23
3. The Robe Of Priestly Proportions: Part I 5:10
4. The Robe Of Priestly Proportions: Part II 3:42
5. Freigel Rock 4:45
6. Lungs And Spleen 4:41
7. Shikora 5:05
8. Minim: Part I 1:02
9. Minim: Part II 2:47
10. The Dregs 4:51
11. The Binding Of The Burning Books 5:05
12. Davita 5:32
13. Sadie's Splinter 5:17

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