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Thursday, January 22, 2009


ZEPHYR (2008)
320 KBPS

Very few names come to mind when one's looking for an artist representing didgeridoo in Europe, Phillip Péris is one of those. Faithful ambassador of this aerophonic aborigenous instrument, Phillip Péris began taming it some 20 years ago. On "Zéphyr", he is accompanied by a bunch of talented musician allowing him to construct interesting and haunting tribal soundscapes like very few others can.
"Zéphyr" has its lot of new things with the companionship of another rare instrument, the shamisen (some kind of three strings banjo from Japan here mastered by Hideaki Tsuji) and some indian tablas (here played by another Japanese artist, Kengo Saito) . Phillip Péris, due to the versatily of the band surrounding him, allows himself to unravel his talents as a diphonic singer and play jew's harp which he studied with the reknown master Trân van Khé.
The sixty minutes of "Zéphyr" invites us to take a break wih otherworldly sounds and soothing ambiances, something quite rare for us westerners used to the crazy rhythms of big cities and the tasks of everyday life.

1. Jongara
2. Zéphyr
3. Himalaya elephant walk
4. Flight of the little blue bird
5. Cosmos
6. Yidaki solo

1 comment:

Aristillus said...

This sounds interesting... I will check it out. Thanks, Stefan!
BTW, I recommend you our (Croatian) didgeridoo player, Dubravko Lapaine. It's not uncommon to see him playing in the streets of Zagreb. Once an university assistant, he abandoned that position and devoted himself to the possibilities of his instrument.

Here's an clip: