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Monday, October 13, 2008


320 KBPS

Adieu Tristesse is not as melody driven as Negresse Blanche and it goes off on eccentric expeditions at times, but beauty is always just below the surface of it's quirky strange-ness.
In my humble opinion, (speaking as an American fairly well versed in contemporary French music) Arthur H. has no peer. Why he isn't more widely appreciated (even by the French) is beyond me. HOWEVER with each new CD, H. keeps perfecting his craft and before long it will be difficult to deny his (yes, the "G" word)-Genius.
1. Adieu Tristesse
2. Chanson de Satie
3. Chercheur d'Or
4. Fille de l'Est
5. Lady from Shanghai
6. Est-Ce Que Tu Aimes?
7. Amoureux
8. Ma Sorcière Bleue
9. Baiser de La Lune
10. Danseur
11. Ma Dernière Nuit à New York City
12. Destin du Voyageur
13. Confessions Nocurnes

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