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Monday, October 13, 2008


320 KBPS

Remember one thing, its impossible listen this record and do not open a smile. With two incendiaries short songs: "Down the Road" " The Devil Game". Three monumental long tracks: "Song for America", by the introduction you can realize its an outstanding song, "Lamplight Symphony" and "incomundro" all those three songs alternates very beautiful an complex melodies. And "Lonely Street" a progressive blues, or something like that, to my taste the weakest song. Not only in prog scene but one of the best bands in the rock´n roll history, A powerful band in a powerful record.
1. Down the Road
2. Song for America
3. Lamplight Symphony
4. Lonely Street
5. Devil Game
6. Incomudro -- Hymn to the Atman
Bonus tracks
7. Song for America [Single Edit]
8. Down the Road [Live]

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