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Monday, October 13, 2008


320 KBPS

A sweet mix of jazz, pop & soul by the French/Asian singer. Her only album to my knowledge and that's a pity. Great musicianship, a nice cover of Jobim (track 10) and a fitting production make this album a must have for those who like pop with a slightly lounge side.

1. Pourquoi Faire
2. Mes Lacets Défaits
3. Sois Pas Gris
4. Nelson
5. Billie, Joe et Moi
6. Interlude 1 [Instrumental]
7. Cheveux Emmêlés
8. Souris Moi
9. Gris Matin
10. Eaux de Mars
11. Je Veux Rester au Lit
12. Interlude 2 [Instrumental]
13. Rêve-Révolution
14. Contre Temps
15. Contre Vents et Marées

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