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Monday, October 13, 2008


THE CHASE (2006)
320 KBPS

Last year was quite a year for female singers in the Francophile world. Brisa Roche is the latest thing in this world. She is not so much like Keren Ann or Carla Bruni. Probably more like some British or Swedish artists. She is bilingual. The first song "Airplane" is just her voice and electric guitar. "Mystery Man" is more like stuff by Richard Hawley. Of course there are some more French songs on her like "Dans Le Vert De Sex Yeux." Songs like "Dial Me Up" are energetic rock and roll. This album has a lot of styles and sounds. Brisa Roche is not limited in any way. Her voice is very appeal, and more similar to Joanna Newsom, than other singer songwriters.

1. Airplane
2. Mystery Man
3. Dans le Vert de Ses Yeux
4. Dial Me Up
5. Billionaire
6. Warned
7. Little Robot
8. Torchlight
9. Luxury
10. Baby Shut Your Eyes
11. Coco
12. Ride God
13. Flying Too High
14. Sugarfight
15. At the Shore
16. Helmet Ray
17. Now That It's Long Over

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