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Monday, October 13, 2008


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Certain things -"growth" for instance, or "breadth"- cannot be said about artists who are still so young, and only a few albums into their careers. Yet with Ms. Laura Veirs, the exquisite breadth that she is already showing -from Troubled By Fire to Carbon Glacier- and her growth as a performer, are remarkable, however young, however "untenured" she may be. There are, like the prior reviewer says, laments, yet not they are not only that. They are explorations, impressions, musical poems. Jewels as diverse as "Ether Sings," "Lonely Angel Dust," "Shadow Blues," Snow Camping" or "Chimney Sweeping Man" alone justify, and fully prove, Veirs' talent, sensibility, and the astonishing maturity of her compositions. Another important mention is the "dead-on" production by Tucker Martine who does what even some great producers forget to do, at times, he disappeared behind Laura Veirs' music, and yet has taken it to a new poetic and expressive plateau. I personally has heard enough to vow to follow Laura Veirs to whatever layers this album is still to take me, and whatever new depths may it have still unexplored.

1. Ether Sings
2. Icebound Stream
3. Rapture
4. Lonely Angel Dust
5. The Cloud Roam
6. Wind Is Blowing Stars
7. Shadow Blues
8. Anne Bonny Rag
9. Snow Camping
10. Chimney Sweeping Man
11. Salvage a Smile
12. Blackened Anchor
13. Riptide

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johnv said...

Thanks for both of the Laura Veirs posts--you have a really cool blog, with a great diversity of music.