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Monday, October 13, 2008


A CAMP (2001)
320 KBPS

I got this album several years ago once I heard that Nina Persson was going off to do a solo. I think that the Cardigans are one of the most underrated bands ever in the U.S. although I think they do quite well in their native Sweden. Her vocals are more pronounced here, and there is some time you need to get used to her without the sugary 60's pop music background. Once you do, you will realize that the music is just great...

1. Frequent Flyer
2. I Can Buy You
3. Angel of Sadness
4. Such a Bad Comedown
5. Song for the Leftovers
6. Walking the Cow
7. Hard As a Stone
8. Algebra
9. Silent Night
10. Same Old Song
11. Oddness of the Lord
12. Rock 'N' Roll Ghost
13. Bluest Eyes in Texas
14. Elephant

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