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Sunday, October 12, 2008


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In an interview with, John Paul Jones said that someone asked him if he didn't think The Sporting Life had a Led Zeppelin influence. He replied, "Don't you think Led Zeppelin has a John Paul Jones influence? I was a quarter of that band." Indeed, Jones never seems to get his due, but this 1994 collaboration with vocalist/pianist Diamanda Galás is dripping with his demented genius. The experimental blues-rock here was an anomaly for Galás — who's always leaned more toward avant-garde, operatic, performance-art pieces — but Jones' deep, creepy bass lines provide the perfect backdrop for her powerfully psychotic, three-and-a-half-octave voice. Murderous and hilarious, the "love songs" here sound more like death threats. "Do You Take This Man?" is a six-minute spiel in which a woman stalks her husband, terrorizes him with knives and verbal abuse, then leaves him with, "Now I have to get off my knees, because I have some shopping to do." On "You're Mine," Galás sounds absolutely possessed, cackling like some demon out of The Evil Dead and wailing with wild abandon over an unsettlingly happy and upbeat Hammond-organ jingle. On the dirgelike "Lay Me Down," Galás' vocal acrobatics soar over the soothing tones of a lap steel guitar, quietly played by Jones, who's still sitting in the smoke and shadows for some reason after all these years.

1. Skotoseme
2. Do You Take This Man?
3. Dark End Of The Street
4. You're Mine
5. Tony
6. Devil's Rodeo
7. The Sporting Life
8. Baby's Insane
9. Last Man Down
10. Hex
Bonus track
11. Hex (La Diabla Mix)


Ian S said...

Beautiful site, excellent mix of classics n lesser-known albums. The write-ups with each album are cool too; you've persuaded me to try this one for starters. Cheers!

Stéphane said...

Quel grand plaisir de voir le renouveau de cet excellent blog (pendant que d'autres, comme radioacive tree, sont à leur tour effacé de la surface de la toile...). Longue vie au New Moodswings, qui fait d'emblée preuve d'autant d'éclectisme que son défunt grand frère.