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Sunday, October 12, 2008


TEXT (2001)
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Text has created the one of the most impressive, bewildering, and genre-blending records of the late '90s/early 2000s. The songs themselves are separate pieces, yet they are held together musically through excellent production, bold instrumentation, and overall vibes. This record contains songs that blend spoken word and jazz, hardcore rock and reggae, and others. The standout track on this album is "Sound Is Compressed; Words Rebel and Hiss." The 11-minute epic starts with a Euro-gospel/reggae groove that is very beautiful. The track moves slowly into a something darker. A somber male/female duet moves into a free jazz freakout that is amazing, powerful, and important. "We Have Explosives! — Schmexplosives" is an instrumental avant-garde piece that shockingly alternates from disarmingly spare to disarmingly abrasive and loud. Some of the record could be seen as pretentious, but with something as interesting as this record, pretense is welcome. The only problem with this record is finding ways to describe it. The only way to thoroughly describe the album is to listen to it. Fans of hardcore music, avant-garde music, and certainly Refused fans will not be disappointed.

1. Requiem for Ernst-Hugo (1928-1998)
2. Sound Is Compressed; Words Rebel and Hiss
3. Collages Desertes, 1ere Tabeau: Du Sable
4. We Have Explosives! - Schmexplosives
5. Those Kids Are Gone
6. Collages Desertes, 2eme Tableau: Du Soleil
7. The Huntsville Treaty
8. Collages Desertes, 3eme Tableau: Du Chemin


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