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Saturday, October 11, 2008


320 KBPS

With their debut album Idealism, Digitalism has already crafted a fun and catchy electronic sound with plenty of entertaining beats and delightfully noisy synthesizers reminiscent of the sound pioneered by Daft Punk, and later continued by bands such as Justice. Unlike these other bands, however, Digitalism has a number of tunes on their album featuring non-computerized vocals which often are featured overtop of more disco-oriented beats that are just as danceable and enjoyable as the instrumental pieces. Many of the tunes are playful with fuzzy electronic rhythm sequences and a simple beat to back them, making for an addicting sound which provides for plenty of memorable tracks. Among my favorites were the brief but funky jam "Home Zone", the mystic, eerie track "Jupiter Room", and "Zdarlight".
In my opinion, this album has very few flaws, the only improvement I might hope to see in this band as I continue to listen to their future releases is that their style may modify just slightly enough to distinguish their sound even further from their probable Daft Punk influences, yet while keeping their tunes as catchy as ever.

1. Magnets
2. Zdarlight
3. I Want I Want
4. Idealistic
5. Digitalism In Cairo
6. Departure From Cairo
7. Pogo
8. Moonlight
9. Anything New
10. Pulse
11. Homezone
12. Apollo-Gize
13. Jupiter Approach
14. Jupiter Room
15. Echoes

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