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Saturday, October 11, 2008



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Like many others my age, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to Lee Hazlewood or his music while he was in the semi-limelight, but came to know and love his music much later on. Several years ago, I chanced to hear a compilation of covers of Lee Hazlewood songs called Total Lee. I liked it and became hooked almost immediately. Since then, I have acquired most available Hazlewood recordings and have become somewhat of a connoisseur of his dark humor and ribald connotations.
With the recent acquisition of the double reissue of Poet, Fool, or Bum/Back On the Street Again, I am well on my way to completion of my Hazlewood CD collection. Both of these records (here combined) were released only in Europe in the mid-70s, so listening to this is to hear what he was doing at a time when many thought he had disappeared.
It took me a couple of listens to really like this, but I eventually came around. This is far more country than pop. While these are not his best records, there is a lot here to like. My favorites are: Poet, Fool, or Bum; Kari; Feathers, Nancy and Me; Back On the Street Again; Your Thunder and Your Lightning; Suddenly Tennessee, Dolly and Hawkeye, and Dolly Parton's Guitar. Hearing once again how lyrically clever Hazlewood can be, I can see why so many alt-rock musicians look to him for inspiration.
If you have yet to hear this bunch of Hazlewood rarities, give it a listen.

Poet, Fool Or Bum (1973)
1. Poet, Fool or Bum
2. Heaven Is My Woman's Love
3. Kari
4. Feathers
5. Nancy and Me
6. Performer
7. Come Spend the Morning
8. Wind, Sky, Sea and Sand
9. Think I'm Coming Down
10. Those Were Days of Roses (Martha)

Back On The Street Again (1977)
11. Back on the Street Again
12. Save a Place for Me
13. Your Thunder and Your Lightning
14. Suddenly Tennessee
15. You Make It Look So Easy
16. Rider on a White Horse
17. Smokey Put the Sweat on Me
18. Dolly and Hawkeye
19. Beginning to Feel Like Home - Lee Hazlewood,
20. New Box of People
21. Dolly Parton's Guitar

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TheeMidnightCreep said...

Hey, any chance of re-upping this one. I have a comp called poet, fool or bum but it doesn't have Marthat on it. Great blog!!