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Thursday, October 16, 2008


OTO (1995)
320 KBPS

This Fluke album could easily be compared to Underworld's Dubnobasswithmyheadman as the two CD's share the same melodic downtempo electronica sound but when Underworld stretches the songs to ten minutes, Fluke keeps it between 4 and 8. The other noticeable difference is that Fluke uses both male and female voices to enhance their sound and create a kind of cold warmth that suits the music perfectly. So, what you're having here is highly melodic brit electronica from the nineties with just enough sensuality (the "house" touch) to deliver an ambitious and attractive music. I've listened to two other Fluke albums, Risotto and Six Wheels on my Wagon, but Oto remains, by far, the nicest of all three. If you like Underworld or melodic electronica, this is a nice catch and, even if electronic music usually doesn't appeal much to you, I strongly advise you to give this one an open-minded spin!

1. Bullet
2. Tosh
3. Cut
4. Squirt
5. Wobbler
6. Freak
7. O.K.
8. Setback

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