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Friday, October 17, 2008


320 KBPS

The centerpiece of composer/accordionist Guy Klucevsek’s new solo recording is a collection of 12 short pieces that consist of etudes, preludes, chorales, songs without words, dances and a fantasy. In his most ambitious solo composition to date, inspired by J.S. Bach’s "The Well-Tempered Klavier," Klucevsek draws on all the elements of his previous music and ventures into new territory as well: hints of Bartok, Copland, Gottshalk, Eastern European folk music, Middle Eastern melodies and minimalism. Features "Accordion Misdemeanors," which Klucevsek wrote to accompany E Annie Proulx’s novel Accordion Crimes, and "Four Portraits," inspired by Michael Cunningham’s Pulitzer-winning novel The Hours.

Four Portraits (For Michael Cunningham)
1. Clarissa (Mrs. Dalloway)
2. Blues for Richard
3. Laura (Mrs. Brown)
4. Virginia (Mrs. Woolf)
Accordion Misdemeanors (For E. Annie Proulx)
5. Sicilians in New Orleans
6. Acadians in Maine
7. Germans in the Midwest
8. Acadians in Louisiana
9. Mexicans in Texas
10. Lament for the Accordion
11. Basques in Montana
12. Poles in Chicago
13. Epilogue (Road Music)
14. One Less Bell to Answer
15. Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My (Wives and Lovers) Head
Well-Tampered Accordion
16. No. 1: Shape-Shifter
17. No. 2: Ebony Mandolin
18. No. 3: Rocking the Boat
19. No. 4: Collapsible Hornpipe
20. No. 5: Time Passing
21. No. 6: Hungarian Hummingbird
22. No. 7: Sunday Morning - Eight Legs (After Lucien Freud)
23. No. 8: Aok Chorale
24. No. 9: Pink Elephant
25. No. 10: Song of the Little Prince (For Teih Hito)
26. No. 11: Dance!
27. No. 12: Epilogue/Fantasy (In Memoriam Brian Rehr)

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