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Sunday, October 12, 2008


DOGMAN (1994)
320 KBPS

While King's X's fan base is incredibly strong and supportive, the general public have missed out on one of the best rock bands of the 80's, 90's, and now. Dogman is a bluesy hard rock album which occasionally takes a break to pump out some thoughtful and melodic ballads. Doug Pinnick dominates this album, and his singing is in tip top shape. He wails with abandon but never loses track of himself and the music. Ty Tabor's guitar playing is stylish and heavy, but at times gentle and restrained. Jerry Gaskill backs these two musicians up with strong drumming and percussion (not to mention helping out with those vocal melodies). Highlights include the heavy blues of Dogman, the heavy pop of Pretend, the gentle and meaninful Flies & Blue Skies, the wonderfully dynamic Fool You and the staggering melodic power of Ciggarettes, arguably the album's best track.
This album is an incredibly strong offering of blues infused metal and hard rock mixed with some beautiful slow tunes. To miss out on this record is a sore mistake.

1. Dogman
2. Shoes
3. Pretend
4. Flies and Blue Skies
5. Black the Sky
6. Fool You
7. Don't Care
8. Sunshine Rain
9. Complain
10. Human Behavior
11. Cigarettes
12. Go to Hell
13. Pillow
14. Manic Depression

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