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Sunday, October 12, 2008


BIRDY (1985-2002 REMASTER)
320 KBPS

Like Peter Gabriel himself says in the liner notes, his 1985 instrumental soundtrack album for the film, "Birdy," is a mish-mash sort of Gabriel album---7 original tracks, plus 5 tracks based on previously recorded material (ex: "Close Up" is a brief instrumental version of "Family Snapshot," "The Heat" is a shorter, instrumental version of "Rhythm Of The Heat," etc., etc.). But the new versions of the familiar songs, hearing them in a different light, are all quite interesting, and the original material is very strong, indeed. Highlights include the suitably eerie "At Night," "Floating Dogs" is a crackling good rocker, and "Quiet And Alone" & "Slow Marimbas" both have a peaceful, soothing ambience to them. "Birdy" is not really an essential Peter Gabriel album to own if you're only a casual listener of the man, but if you're a diehard Gabriel follower like me, then this album is a must-have. As this was Gabriel's first attempt at a film score, I think he did an excellent job. "Birdy" is a fine soundtrack album from Mr. Gabriel, and an excellent foreshadowing to his classic score for "The Last Temptation Of Christ" four years later.

1. At Night
2. Floating Dogs
3. Quiet And Alone
4. Close Up (From Family Snapshot)
5. Slow Water
6. Dressing The Wound
7. Birdy's Flight (From Not One Of Us)
8. Slow Marimbas
9. The Heat (From Rhythm Of The Heat)
10. Sketch Pad With Trumpet And Voice
11. Under Lock And Key (From Wallflower)
12. Powerhouse At The Foot Of The Mountain (From San Jacinto)

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