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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


.COM (1999)
320 KBPS

This record is like a blast of sunshine,or maybe it's just a blast! The band seems to be having a lot of fun on this one, just like they were on the previous album "Radiation".This album is a step up from the their last two records in my opinion,and more consistant.The cover is great as well. "A Legacy" is a very catchy and fun tune with some twists and turns.There is some good organ work and Rothery fires off some solos. "Deserve" is another fun,poppy tune,with lyrics like "We get what we deserve" ringing out. There is a sax solo before 3 minutes.This song is hard not to like. "Go !" is a change of pace with it's almost spacey and dreamy soundscape with reserved vocals.A nice lazy guitar solo fits in well. "Rich" opens with an upbeat rhythm with vocal melodies.Clapping,guitar melodies and vocal melodies are all good while the organ is a nice touch as well. "Enlightened" is a drifting,mellow song.I really like this one.Rothery does his thing 3 minutes in while we get some spacey synths 4 1/2 minutes in. "Built-In Bastard Radar" has some good guitar and organ with an uptempo chorus.This is the song i like the least,but it's still ok. "Tumble Down The Years" is really a love song with great lyrics and a catchy melody.The organ is well done. "Interior Lulu" is the best song and the longest.The first 4 1/2 minutes are kind of mellow and trippy before we get a breif outburst of crazy synths and an uptempo melody.The song calms back down but the vocals remain passionate.The drumming and guitar melody 12 1/2 minutes in is fantastic! "House" has some trumpet 3 1/2 minutes in and later.The spacey keys are good, while the last third of the song reminds me of NO-MAN.You know mellow and ambient. I probably should rate this as 3.5 as this isn't very progressive at all,but i really like just about every song.This is a great album to put on if your going for a drive on a sunny day.This is a lot of fun.

1. A Legacy
2. Deserve
3. Go!
4. Rich
5. Enlightened
6. Built-In Bastard Radar
7. Tumble Down The Years
8. Interior Lulu
9. House

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