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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


320 KBPS

This is not *just* for completists. It is for anyone who enjoys the guitar work of Steve Hillage and also enjoys some of the more accomplished sounds of new wave music. Think if classic Gong decided to do an album of Gary Numan covers. Hillage (mostly Miquette Giraudy) had been using sequences and synthesizers on his albums for years. It is understandable if you have an aversion to 80's synths, though.
There are still a few songs with non-4/4 rhythms as well. It's certainly poppy, but so are many of the songs on Open, Green and certainly Motivation Radio.
Hillage's voice is, for some reason, a bit deeper than on previous albums. Not sure why. Still sounds strong, though.
1. "These Uncharted Lands" is a great, majestic opener. A straightforward synth- rocker with an amazingly full and bright chorus. 2. "Kamikaze Eyes" is slightly annoying with the Oriental staccato riff throughout the song. Chorus is still good. 3. "Alone" is a softer song featuring Miquette Giraudy's breathy voice. 4. "Anthems For the Blind" is another majestic... anthem. 5. "Bright future" - A rather "happy" Hillage tune, as many of them are - perhaps a bit too happy, but hey - *I* like it. :-) 6. "Frame by frame" - not to be confused with the King Crimson track. Hypnotic rhythm and sound. 7. "Waiting" is in 2/4, but in groups of seven. Even more hypnotic sounding than the previous song. 8. "Glory" - Not as good as the previous two songs, but still hypnotic and infectious.
The rest of the CD was originally the "And Not Or" EP and is completely instrumental. This is music to listen to loud and in the dark. Let the power of Hillage's glissando guitar whisk you away to an uncharted land. "Still golden" is a remake of "The Golden Vibe", which is the closing few minutes of Fish Rising.
Again, if you cringe at the sounds of 80's synths or can't stand Tangerine Dream's "Exit", certainly there are better purchases for you to make, but if you're like me and enjoy the pulsing synth sounds rounded out by Steve Hillage's awesome guitar, with some dreamy lyrics to boot, then you should definitely buy For To Next / And Not Or.

1. These Uncharted Lands
2. Kamikaze Eyes
3. Alone
4. Anthems For The Blind
5. Bright Future
6. Frame By Frame
7. Waiting
8. Glory
9. Before The Storm
10. Red Admiral
11. Serotonin
12. And Not Or
13. Knights Templar
14. Still Golden

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