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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


320 KBPS

Following on from the 2005 album 'Present', Van Der Graaf Generator have put together a brand new album that will be released on 17th March 2008 titled 'Trisector'. Van Der Graaf Generator now a stripped-down trio of original 1968 members Hugh Banton (organ), Guy Evans (drums) and Peter Hammill (vox, guitar, piano), made a storming return to live performance in the spring of 2007. The band started recording their new album in July 2007, after a period of mixing and overdubbing 'Trisector' is now ready for release. There are nine pieces on the album, one of them instrumental. Unusually for VDGG, only one of these is more than ten minutes long - indeed, five come in at under five minutes. There are, of course, passages of great complexity but there's also a confidence about the group which allows them to leave some simple things as they are.

1. The Hurlyburly
2. Interference Patterns
3. The Final Reel
4. Lifetime
5. Drop Dead
6. Only In A Whisper
7. All That Before
8. Over The Hill
9. (We Are) Not Here

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