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Thursday, October 16, 2008


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Here comes masterpiece #1 in Queensrÿche's career! First, there has been a real revolution in the sound of the band which comes closer to 80's era Rush without ever losing its metal edge... Then the songwriting improved again as the musical skills of every musician did too... I do remember how the metal audience took this album back then : it was a disgrace for a metal band they said; ; they were selling their souls to new wave/commercial, have i heard too.. What then happened was that, even if Rage for Order was a great album, it was a commercial failure so that the band had to change its newly acquired sound again and try regaining the metal kids attention... That said, Rage For Order remains a fantastic albumn, far ahead of its time, laden with stupendous compositions and an intelligent 80's sound. A must try!

1. Walk In The Shadows
2. I Dream In Infrared
3. The Whisper
4. Gonna Get Close To You
5. The Killing Words
6. Surgical Strike
7. Neue Regel
8. Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)
9. London
10. Screaming In Digital
11. I Will Remember
Bonus Tracks
12. Gonna Get Close To You (12" version)
13. The Killing Words (Live)
14. I Dream In Infrared (1991 acoustic remix)
15. Walk In The Shadows (Live)


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