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Sunday, October 12, 2008


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Gérard Manset is quite an enigma. He started his career in the late sixties blending folk, rock, chanson and existentialism philosphy to gain himself an audience of young and rebelious french hairy people that grew old listening to his music... A crowd of addicts if you want... While never being a major hit in the business, he became something of a cult artist and his vanishing from the public eye (his last public appearance was in 1983's tv rock show "Les enfants du rock") only added to that status.
In 2004, a bunch of old timers (Alain Bashung, Françoise Hardy, Dick Annegarn, Francis Cabrel, Jane Birkin, Brigitte Fontaine), younger artists (Nilda Fernandez, Pierre Schott, Joao Bosco, Raphaël - with whom Manset worked) paid homage to the man's art. Like all tribute albums, this is a mixed bag, of course, but it nevertheless allows people unfamiliar with Manset to get an introduction to his music without having to bear his voice which is a acquired taste... I usually don't fancy tribute albums but this one is one of the best I heard.

1. Entrez Dans Le Rêve - Jean-Louis Murat 5:26
2. La Route De Terre - Nilda Fernandez 4:22
3. Animal On Est Mal - Alain Bashung 3:52
4. Prisonniers De L'Inutile - Francis Cabrel 5:15
5. Solitude Des Latitudes - Françoise Hardy 4:45
6. C'Est Un Parc - Salif Keita 5:35
7. Rouge-Gorge - Joao Bosco 5:42
8. Il Voyage En Solitaire - Cheb Mami 5:11
9. On Ne Tue Pas Son Prochain - Brigitte Fontaine 2:51
10. Quand Les Jours Se Suivent - Pierre Schott 3:50
11. Vies Monotones - Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc 3:24
12. Y'A Une Route - Dick Annegarn 3:34
13. Etre Rimbaud - Raphaël 4:22
14. Si Tout Etait Faux - Jane Birkin 4:13

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