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Monday, October 13, 2008


THE ONE (2008)
320 KBPS

The One is Thailand's leading rock band Silly Fools. It's the first one to include American/Korean singer Benjamin Jung Tuffnell. It displays a more adult sounding version of Silly Fools modern rock style. I give you here both the Thai & English versions of the album issued from the 2cd's limited edition only available in Thailand.
A band worth checking if only to discover Thailand has good rock music too.

CD (Thai Version)
1. Satree mai lhek 1
2. Rao pen khon luek eng
3. Ngo
4. Puk
5. Mai por pieng
6. Rung ror
7. Khun krang
8. Nuey leaw...
9. Eak krung
10. Klai

CD (English Version)
1. Moving On
2. No Regrets
3. Enough
4. The Long Road
5. The Daily Grind
6. Nevermind
7. Extra Extra
8. Unhappy Ending
9. Long Distance
10. Take Me Home

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