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Monday, October 13, 2008


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I have been a Judas Priest fan since British Steel. I understand the need to grow and not just produce another Priest album like the brilliant Angel of Retribution album.
But this is not for me. I just couldn't get into the slow stuff and just fast forward to the good stuff we all really want. I just hope that they don't play too much of the slow songs on tour. I want to hear the classics.
I'll wait patiently for their next album, and this one will go on the shelves.

1. Dawn of Creation
2. Prophecy
3. Awakening
4. Revelations
5. The Four Horsemen
6. War
7. Sands of Time
8. Pestilence And Plague
9. Death
10. Peace
11. Conquest
12. Lost Love
13. Persecution

1. Solitude
2. Exiled
3. Alone
4. Shadows In the Flame
5. Visions
6. Hope
7. New Beginnings
8. Calm Before the Storm
9. Nostradamus
10. Future of Mankind

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