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Monday, October 13, 2008


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Sometime we have really good surprises and the new (finally) Uriah Heep is one of those! A lot of people don't really know the British combo which is, badly, not considered as a master of the Hard Rock / Heavy genre despite the fact that they're at the top of these genres since their beginning at the end of the 60's. It's sad, the band should get some better words from the press and fans but who know maybe that "Wake The Sleeper" will finally open the spirits of the ones who still don't know Uriah Heep because this release, definitely, is a great masterpiece of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal.
I like Uriah Heep because this band has something behind its music. I don't really know how to explain this feeling but when I listen to their last release "Wake The Sleeper", I don't only listen to some simple songs, the melodies, the lyrics etc are deep and this is something which touch me really. This is not because the album is melancholic or anything, at the opposite some songs like "Overload" are really heavy and powerful but all in all the whole album is really deep, yeah that's the word. "Wake The Sleeper" is divided in two parts, the Heavy / Hard Rock one composed of songs like "Tears Of The World", "Overload" or "Ghost Of The Ocean" where the big riffs of Mick Box are one more time extremely convincing and with of course a lot of Hammond organ which give a really cool 70's spirit. And the second part of the album composed of ballads and mid-tempos songs which is maybe not so interesting but which is really touching. A song like "Angels Walk With You" is a little jewel of dark Rock n Roll which should become a real classic if the band finally find a way to get a better exposure. Maybe that those two parts are a bit unequal (the heavy one being better in my opinion) but both are interesting and I'm sure that the people who likes to listen to good Hard Rock made in the 70's should be happy with this release.
The good thing of "Wake The Sleeper" is that the album sound 70's without sounding old. The songs all have a nice old school spirit but the production is really modern, that's another great point. The musicians are all exceptional, from Bernie Shaw with his amazing voice to the master Mick Box and finally Russell Gilbrook, the new drummer who, maybe has given some energy to the new compositions of the combo. Well it's hard to find anything bad in this album, some songs are better than some others that's right but all in all, this is just a great album and I hope, if you like old school music, that you'll check it to understand that this is a must.
It's good to see that a band like Uriah Heep is still able to release great albums. "Wake The Sleeper" is one new proof that the band should not be forgiven because really they're still great compositors and performers. "Wake The Sleeper" is highly recommended if you like good Rock, don't miss it without any hesitations.

1. Wake The Sleeper
2. Overload
3. Tears Of The World
4. Light Of A Thousand Stars
5. Heaven's Rain
6. Book Of Lies
7. What Kind Of God
8. Ghost Of The Ocean
9. Angels Walk With You
10. Shadow
11. War Child


Anonymous said...

really loved the their ninetyfive uotput sea of light , would be great if this one could be as cool , harry lime

Mr Moodswings said...

I think it's better. ;)