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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


OPEN (1979-2007 REMASTER)
320 KBPS

Open had to contend with Green as a previous comparison and whilst totally different in terms of direction it does ROCK in places. ' Day after Day' is one helluva rocker to start your day with. Hillage then shows what punk rock or new wave is all about with ' Getting in tune'. I think he was basically sticking his tongue out at the whole new genre hitting the world at the time. Afterall he had been playing stuff like that years before. The title track is also a great song bringing you back to a sense of reality. There are a couple of weaker moments like ' Don't dither do it' and another punklike effort in ' Definte activity' but Open steps up a gear with the wonderful ' The fire inside' and ' Earthrise'. Maybe Green was his peak but Open was not far off it either.

1. Talking To The Sun
2. 1988 Aktivator
3. New Age Synthesis
4. Healing Feeling
5. Earthrise
6. Open
7. Definite Activity
8. Getting Better
9. Day After Day
10. Getting In Tune
11. Don'T Dither Do It
12. The Fire Inside
Bonus Tracks
13. Don'T Dither Do It
14. Four Ever Rainbow

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eris said...

Thank you very much - I'm going to enjoy this!