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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


90125 (1983-2004 REMASTER)
320 KBPS

Well, this isn't Fragile or Relayer or whatever your favorite Yes album is, but I can hardly think of anything more stupidly obvious. The "70's prog element" is gone, because the 70's are gone, right? What Yes managed to do with this album was maintain their incredibly high standards for music-making, while entering a new direction more oriented toward the mainstream of the day (the 80's, remember). So, naturally, those of you out there who don't respond to good music in all forms, but only to good music in certain select forms (real 70's prog); you will not like this album. I can't really blame you, considering how overwhelmingly amazing that era's music was, but on the other hand, this is also amazing music, and you should open your ears. The vocal harmonies are what shine here, and are totally magical throughout the whole album -- 100% authentic Yes. Really, dubious YES FANS, just listen to "Leave It" once for me, and try to see its awesomeness, because I assure you it is indeed awesome. If you don't like at least this song, I wonder how much you could really like any of their music.

1. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
2. Hold On
3. It Can Happen
4. Changes
5. Cinema
6. Leave It
7. Our Song
8. City Of Love
9. Hearts
Bonus tracks
10. Leave It (Single Remix)
11. Make It Easy
12. It Can Happen (Cinema Version)
13. It'S Over
14. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Extended Remix)
15. Leave It (A Capella Version)

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