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Friday, March 27, 2009



320 KBPS

This album, a studio suite, is wrapped in mysticism. The four cards that serve as a booklet feature cabalistic signs, esoteric diagrams, a quote from Alaister Crowley and a dedication to esoteric filmmaker Kenneth Anger. A short note by John Zorn establishing a parallel between the tools and craft of musical composition and magic is the only given explanation. The aura of mystery invites an analysis of the constituents and structures of the work, for better or worse — and in any case it's fun to do on your own, so this reviewer will not expose his personal conclusions on the subject. The musicians involved are Cyro Baptista, Jennifer Charles, Greg Cohen, Beth Hatton, Bill Laswell, Rebecca Moore, Mike Patton, Jim Pugliese, and Jamie Saft. They appear only one, two or three at a time. Each of the seven movements is based on a specific, non-reoccurring instrumentation, and explores a form of meditation, trance or anything possibly leading to spiritual revelation. "Invocation" is a delicate piece based on organ drones, while the 13-minute "Sex Magick" takes the form of a tribal percussion mantra. The piano melody in "Sacred Rites of the Left Hand Path" provides the most soothing moments and together with the first track is reminiscent of the level of writing found in Duras. "Lucifer Rising" is made of overdubbed sensual female vocals, while "Leviathan" serves up an ear-splitting slab of death metal (which can be a source of trance too, you know). "Mysteries" completes the circle with electric piano and light percussion. "Leviathan" aside, I.A.O. makes a calm, enjoyable listen and beyond its mystical claims, it includes some strong compositions.

1. Invocation
2. Sex Magick
3. Sacred Rites Of The Left Hand Path
4. The Clavicle Of Solomon
5. Lucifer Rising
6. Leviathan
7. Mysteries


whitepunksondope said...

thanks for uploading something that cannot be found on a million other music blogs ;)

Zorn & Crowley & Laswell have been floating interests of mine over the years so it is wonderful when I see an intersection of all three, especially when its something my observer has missed when scanning the media landscape

...also good to see you releasing the album at 320 bitrate! Usually its a *moral* cop-out on the part of music bloggers "well, I am only releasing it at 128 so erm..leave me alone please corporate media..please" Obviously if its obscure and it can only be sourced in a low bitrate format then fair enough, but often there are spurious reasons why the music is recorded in such a manner.

Personally, the better the recording, the more I listen and the more I listen, the more chance I simple when I put it like that lol

Thanks again, I will keep visiting.

whitepunksondope said...

When I click on the Zorn album image and go to rapidshare, the following comes up: | 0 KB

I have left it a few hours and have managed to succesfully download other stuff from rapidshare but when I come back to that link it still displays "0 KB" - will try again tomorrow.

Anonymous said... - requires a PW!

Anonymous said...

whitepunksondope you need to download this "0 KB" Document and then you will find the link.

It is a tx. document with the jz link.

Thanks moody!

Mr Moodswings said...

Download the file, use the usual password (it it on the right column) and you'll see.

Darkman said...

Thansk again, Stefan!

Tzadik's info for this one:

The name IAO is Kabbalistically identical to the Beast and his number 666. In the tradition of Zorn’s longform studio compositions Godard, Spillane, Elegy, Kristallnacht and Duras, yet completely unique in form and content, IAO is a hypnotic seven-movement suite of Alchemy, Mysticism, Metaphysics and Magic both black and white. Inspired in part by the esoteric works of Aleister Crowley and his magickal disciple, filmmaker Kenneth Anger, the seven movements range from hypnotic exotica, ritualistic percussion and death metal to ambient, electronica and a stunning piece for female chorus. As varied and listenable as The Gift and as perplexing as Songs from the Hermetic Theater, IAO is a major new work by downtown’s master of the unexpected.

Cyro Baptista
Jennifer Charles
Greg Cohen
Beth Anne Hatton
Bill Laswell
Rebecca Moore
Mike Patton
Jim Pugliese
Jamie Saft
John Zorn

Mr Moodswings said...

Thx Darkman. ;)