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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


VAYA (1999)
320 KBPS

Vaya is one of those EP's that should have been an full length album. Aside from the debut record, Vaya is ATDI's most emotionally intense records due to the choatic nature of all those involved. That compiled with the ametuer like musicianship make Vaya that much more intense.
Though the album open's up with a slightly subdue song, the rest of the disc picks up from there. Just about every song is comes at you full force and without inhibition, evening the slower ones. However, the songs are well written and fully formed. This is ATDI's most sophisticated album before they decided to take it a notch up on the slightly overrated Relationship of Command. Prime cuts include Ursa Minor and Heliotrope, though all seven songs are worth listening to.
Put this one on if you're going to have a quick drive. The intense beginning and slightly subdued ending will have an effect on your mind so that you will feel angry and then feel calmed. By far, this is one the best EP's you can get. If you are a fan of ATDI, then do yourself a favor and get this. You will listen to it nonstop.

1. Rascuache
2. Proxima Centauri
3. Ursa Minor
4. Heliotrope
5. Metronome Arthritis
6. 300 Mhz
7. 198d

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