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Monday, October 13, 2008


320 KBPS

Recorded after his 80s hit album, Higelin Tombé du Ciel!, Follow the Live gives us Maître Jacques in top form with a good live band and a crowd he does what he wants with. Sure, some sounds are a tad dated but it a great live nonetheless and a sweet introduction to this master of poetic French chanson!

1. Mona Lisa Klaxon
2. Higelin Tombe Du Ciel
3. Chanson
4. Follow The Live
5. Lettre A La Petite Amie De L'Ennemi Public N 1
6. Je Ne Peux Plus Dire Je T'Aime
7. Irradie
8. J'Suis Qu'Un Grain De Poussiere
9. La Rousse Au Chocolat
10. Poil Dans La Main
11. Bras De Fer
12. Parc Montsouris (A Mon Pere)
13. Slim Black Boogie

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