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Friday, November 13, 2009


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After the tremendously successful (but disappointingly radio-friendly) album "Trash," Alice gets back on track with the Peter Collins produced "Hey Stoopid". Comparitively to his previous effort, this album is certainly heavier and features more of the dark, sarcastic and witty lyrics that everyone has come to expect from Alice. Nearly all the songs on this album are well-written and catchy hard rock tunes. The standout tracks are "Hey Stoopid," "Love's A Loaded Gun," the epic "Might As Well Be On Mars," "Hurricane Years," "Die For You" and "Wind-Up Toy".
This is no "Billion Dollar Babies" but it is an infectiously entertaining album that marked his best effort since 1982's Dada.

1. Hey Stoopid
2. Love's A Loaded Gun
3. Snakebite
4. Burning Our Bed
5. Dangerous Tonight
6. Might As Well Be On Mars
7. Feed My Frankenstein
8. Hurricane Years
9. Little By Little
10. Die For You
11. Dirty Dreams
12. Wind-Up Toy