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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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Inspired by peaches she found at a Portland, Ore., farmer’s market, Laura Veirs is now set to release her seventh full-length album next year.
July Flame, out Jan. 19, 2010, will be Veirs' first release through her new label, Raven Marching Band. The follow-up to 2007's Saltbreakers will also be her sixth album produced by Tucker Martine.
When she found those peaches last year, Veirs insisted that she and a friend each compose a song named after them. But long after they exchanged the two July Flame numbers, the inspiration stuck. "I’d been in a songwriting slump at that time and writing that song pushed me over my plateau and into a new place where I was surprising myself again. I invented oddball tunings so I was really using my ear to search out new-sounding melodies and patterns," Veirs says on her website. "I wrote this album from a searching, soulful place. I hope it elicits a real gut feeling."
The end result is a stripped-down release that mainly features her finger-picking over an acoustic guitar. My Morning Jacket’s Jim James also sings on a few of the tracks.

1. I Can See Your Tracks
2. July Flame
3. Sun Is King
4. Where Are You Driving
5. Life Is Good Blues
6. Silo Song
7. Little Deschutes
8. Summer Is The Champion
9. When You Give Your Heart
10. Sleeper In The Valley
11. Wide-Eyed, Legless
12. Carol Kaye
13. Make Something Good


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