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Friday, November 6, 2009


256-320 KBPS

Marta is from the Czech Republic, by way of Seattle, and has called NYC home for about a decade. She writes and sings in Spanish, with spare acoustic instrumentation that includes cello, flute, viola, marimba, the wonderful Jenny Scheinman on violin - and beautifully accompanies herself on quatro, the small, four string Spanish guitar. Her songs are elegant, spellbinding affairs of longing and romance.
Throughout the album she conveys a deep passion and resonance with her material. Her voice and persona are truly beautiful.

1. Zamba Gris
2. Día Lluvioso
3. Los Hermanos
4. Flor Nocturna
5. Canto del Otoño
6. Tú Que Puedes, Vuélvete
7. Gaita de los Chiquitos
8. Ansia
9. Ojos Poderosos
10. Mar Amargo

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