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Thursday, November 12, 2009


VEGETAL (2006)
320 KBPS

A classically trained musician, Emilie Simon tried her hand at jazz and more tradition rock music until finally finding her niche in the world of electronica. What you'll find on Végétal is a cute French girl singing in both her native tongue and English, while playing her compositions about plants and flowers with flawless grace and undeniable appeal. Imagine Björk doing an album with Air. Fun, catchy and sexy, with just a hint of a darker side. Compared to her debut album, Végétal gives us an even more organic background fitting the vegetal-themed lyrics and producing one of the best albums of 2006. Emilie's divine and, trust me, you'll keep coming back for more.

1. Alicia
2. Fleur De Saison
3. Le Vieil Amant
4. Sweet Blossom
5. Opium
6. Dame De Lotus
7. Swimming
8. In The Lake
9. Rose Hybride De Thé
10. Never Fall In Love
11. Annie
12. My Old Friend
13. En Cendres

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