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Friday, November 27, 2009


320 KBPS

At their best, the Atombombpocketknife consists of sonic grooving indie rock layered with effectsy, Sonic Youth-ish vocal styles and Future of What-era Unwound-style guitar work and patterns. An album with solid drive, mathy but not too complex, and just enough rough edges to keep it interesting. College rock with the Chicago edge watered down to something a bit more easy to swallow.

1. A Room Full Of Perfect People
2. Like A Laser
3. Gamma Rays Forever
4. Scan Dramatics
5. The Methadone Actors
6. Pair Of Evil
7. Tripwire Tonight
8. Transfusion Infinity
9. This Dixie Crash/That Whiskey World
10. Violet Encryptions (We Only Move Backwards)

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