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Tuesday, November 17, 2009



320 KBPS

I have to admit that I was really nervous playing this CD at first because I have high expectations for such an all-star pairing. I shouldn't have worried because "Never Breathe..." had all of the dynamic, high-octane noise-punk I've come to expect from these guys. It's a thrill to hear both parties come up with new music that's just as exciting as their earlier work.
The Melvins have always been amazing, but I've especially appreciated their newer albums like "Hostile Ambient Takeover." That one served notice that they're still decimating everything in sight. This newest outing launches a similar all-out approach, but King Buzzo & company purposefully play more noticeably "standard" (for them!) hardcore punk-influenced structures. That's no insult, however, and this really brought to mind mid-period Black Flag combined with the Dead Kennedys' progressive "Frankenchrist"-style songs. This puppy is LOUD and non-stop.
As for Jello, he provides his always great song topics (probably the one songwriter whose lyric sheet I read front-to-back) with his classic voice, and he's as enthusiastic as he was with his '90s collaborations. In particular, it's on par (maybe even better: still haven't decided yet) with the muscular post-hardcore album he did with Nomeansno back in 1991, but with the real abrasive Lard edge. "Yuppie Cadillac" is the track I keep playing over and over, but the entire disc is really strong, and my other favorites are "McGruff the Crime Dog" and the slam-into-a-wall, sludgy closer "Dawn of the Locusts."
If you're a fan of either artist, this is a great album which you shouldn't hesitate to pick up. This and the Melvins' earlier CD with Lustmord are easily my two favorite albums of 2004, and Jello's really picking up where he left off with Lard's "Pure Chewing Satisfaction." This CD is a dream pairing, and if you like your music edgy and challenging, definitely check it out!

1. Plethysmograph
2. McGruff The Crime Dog
3. Yuppie Cadillac
4. Islamic Bomb
5. The Lighter Side Of Global Terrorism
6. Caped Crusader
7. Enchanted Thoughtfist
8. Dawn Of The Locusts

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